Friday, April 30, 2010

Please Pray!

I hardly know what to write...we're all a little heart broken around here. 5 years after Katrina, our town is finally coming back. We have the old historic light posts in the ground; shops are filling the Main Street buildings, and people are coming from New Orleans to buy antiques, go fishing, find art, and relax at the beach. But now we have 10 thousand gallons a day of oil spilling into our waters from the Deep Water Horizon wreck. We are in a nationally declared state of emergency, and this is projected to be one of the worst environmental disasters in decades. Planes are flying and spraying dispersant for hours a day. Booms are going up around the gulf trying to protect our coast line...but the reality is that the wind, the severe weather, and the magnitude of the spill are making that job nearly impossible. We are preparing for a disaster potentially worse than Katrina. An already weak job market and a town dependent on tourism (particularly of the fishing/seafood type) will not do well when the oysters, shrimp, and fish are gone. Please pray! Pray 1) that God would protect our shores, 2) that people would have hope in the midst of loosing their industry, 3) that God would raise up volunteers both locally and around the country to help us recover environmentally from this devastation, and 4) that God would receive all the glory from whatever it is He is doing here on the coast. I will be updating this blog further and more frequently as we receive more details and are able to give more concrete information/requests. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support-God is working but we just don't know how.