Friday, September 29, 2006

You asked for it! Here it is!

Finally, you can order your hats and shirts online at the Lagniappe Store. What better gift could one give, than a little lagniappe, from Lagniappe. Think about it. The shopping cart, isn't pretty yet, but it works, and you can order and get stuff you need to help remember the work in the Bay CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks to the "houma" girls

People often ask, "what can we do for you?" and secondly "how is your wife doing with everything?" Great questions both, usually the second question comes from other women, who somehow get the idea that it might be tough on a wife to move down here and help with a church plant in the middle of a disaster relief site. (sarcasm intended) It is hard, and the ladies from Houma, LA who came and ministered to them were great encouragement, both to them, and to us, as we got to see them be encouraged. Ellen did some great photography that I needed for the website, and we've updated the photos of the area with RECENT photos from Friday of this week. That's right, the photo album you'll see below, was taken 2 days ago. Yep, you guessed it, it's still that bad. We are about to have our 5th gas station open in the county in the next 20 days. Still more than half of the residents have FEMA trailers in their yards. We still need your volunteers to come down and co-labor with us, participating in the restoration of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
From Katrina 1 Year Later...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Twins? Friends from way back Interns Quiet evenings alone... Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Got Tickets?

Okay here's the real question...Do you have tickets or access to tickets to next Monday night's football game- the men of Lagniappe are salivating to go to the Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons- so if you have connections, tickets, box seats (wow, would that be nice!) or any suggestions let us know and then look for us on ESPN!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Have you hugged a Presbyterian Today?

Good question right? This is Sarah Denton (banana yellow) and Kim Allen who went with Lagniappe Church to the PCA women's conference in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. Our booth at the exhibit hall was directly across from the PCA bookstore and these aprons were 'back by popular demand'! The girls didn't buy these I don't think, but I think they really felt like Lagniappe needed to make some similar 'evangelical wear'- we are presently considering a line of Carhart overalls that say, "Have you gutted anyone's house today?" or perhaps little crosstiched wall plaques that read "Trailer, sweet FEMA trailer". Thanks to all the girls who came and helped this weekend- you are definately part of the Lagniappe family- we miss you already and think about you all the time- we WOULD NOT be where we are without you!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jesus Lives in Asheville

I have been out of the Bay since Saturday, speaking to a church in Atlanta Sunday and driving to Black Mountain, NC (Just East of Asheville). NO HUMIDITY, MOUNTAINS, GREEN, AND EVEN MORE GLORIOUS...AN ABUNDANCE OF COFFEE SHOPS. I am speaking at chapel to the students of Montreat College. Yesterday I spoke about God's work in the Bay and how He has sovereignly administered grace through suffering. I challenged the students to consider how God uses suffering and crisis to bring us to Himself and to mature us. I also issued a call to consider our summer internship program. Tonight at 7pm we will show the Lagniappe video and have a time for questions and answers. Tomorrow concludes the week at chapel as we look at 1 Corinthians 12, Unity and Diversity of the Body- How to respect the differences God has created in each of us and how we serve together in love. Pray for the time here. I am meeting with several students at lunch to discuss their interest.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

view out the front door this afternoon.

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Rainy Day In The Bay

We are so glad that Jordy is back in the Bay after a brief stint being gone. He arrived in the Jetta, (a donated vehicle) and T-Jean was playing in the rain water. He took a pass and sprayed this spray on T-Jean, and doused him. What a day. By the way, the jetta turned 100,000 miles today. This week we are preparing to go to the PCA womens conference in Atlanta. Hope to see many of you there. We are excited to be able to get on the road and share what God is doing in the Bay. Even on a rainy day! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Available soon...

This Wednesday we finally receive our shipment of the most requested item from teams this summer- T-Shirts! Everyone wants something with Lagniappe on it, so here you go! We are going to add a web page order form where you can buy the T-Shirts, Hats and also embroidered logo golf shirts. T-shirts will be $15, hats are $20 and golf shirts are $25- a portion of each sale goes to support the ministry of LPC, so buy one for your friends too!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yet another new blogger

As one of the newest staff people here, I think I have the best job of them all; I get to meet people every day who are open to what God is doing in their lives and are willing to laugh and cry with me and pray. I also find out about funding opportunities to help folks repair or rebuild their homes. One opportunity came up recently and I was able to get money for Mrs. J., pictured here. This narrative was written for the application:

“Mrs. J. is a sixty-one year old grandmother who lives with four grandchildren ages 14, 16, 17 and 19. Her seven-year old godson also lives with her. She has raised her grandchildren for twelve years since their father, her son, was incarcerated and their mother left them in her care. Mrs. J. has a three bedroom house which is paid for. She is on disability for a seizure disorder, back and neck injuries, asthma and high blood pressure. She also receives money from the foster care system for the children. When Hurricane Katrina occurred, she took the children to a friend’s home further from the Gulf in Bay St. Louis. They nevertheless had to leave that home when it flooded to over two feet. Her own home had the roof torn off by wind and it was flooded by the rains. After the water subsided, they returned to her home to live for several days, eventually going to stay with family in Georgia for one month. They returned to Bay St. Louis when her FEMA trailer arrived.

Mrs. J. has a son who is blind and diabetic, living in a trailer next to hers. He requires some care; she hopes to be able to have him join her in her home when her house is repaired. Mrs. J. has been able to repair her roof and purchase an air conditioner with the money received to date. She states she has been depressed and had stopped going to her church until recently. This past year has been hard on her children as well; Mrs. J. hopes having her home repaired will give them the stability they all appear to need.”

What a privilege to meet this grandmother and to see how our God brought this opportunity to rebuild her home to us and then to her. Please pray that we will continue to find the families--they don’t have to know Him as Savior and Lord, just be open to whatever God gives us to offer them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 2006 NOT 2005!

Today I drove around the Bay to record some photos to take and show at the PCA women's conference in September. It was sobering. At every turn I continually said to myself, "No one is going to believe that these pictures are from today....noone." It was a bit surreal. We spend everyday driving by houses and FEMA trailers, piles of debris and tattered American flags, but to drive around to SPECIFICALLY 'take it in again' was sobering. I kept looking for sheds we had built or homes we had repaired and was struck by the fact that there is so much still to be done, so little we have done. Please pray for the Bay, please. It is in desparate need. We are in desparate need. We need teams, support, prayer and stamina. All over the city tattered American flags wave in the Gulf breeze- the residents of the Bay will not give up, neither will we. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lagniappe and Life...a new blog

Here's your invitation to check out "Lagniappe and Life" a new personal blog. I decided to post mostly 'church' related blogging on the 'official' Lagniappe Church website and post my thoughts, etc. on my own blog- please check it out, leave a comment, say hello and check back often- be sure to read the 'header' on the blog and it's disclaimer! Happy blogging! P.S. the web address if you didn't click above is

Monday, September 04, 2006

first time on blog

Its been about a year ago since I first arrived on Sept. 9 to Hancock Co, Ms. and been able to see a mountian being moved! The mountian of broken spirts that I met when first arriving, lives turned upside down and dreams washed away by the flood waters of katrina. Families searching for any means to get their lives back to normal. Watching families liveing in tents untill their F.E.M.A. camper, working with Water Missions International providing pumps for hundreds of families, and how importian a shed was for the family. I would not belive that someone would cry about receiving a shed, What I saw was the tears were because someone cared for them. Its been a year and still so much to do! I sit back home in Georgetown SC and write this in the comfort of our home! My heart is back in MS. for many of the families who struggle getting back into their home! Last Thursday before leaving, looking at the list of families we are still helping with finding the resorces to get them back into a home, seems overweling, I belive that by faith we have gotten this far, and it is that Faith, that will see us thur! Our Lord tells me to love my neighbor, because of Gods Love I will return and keep helping our neighbors in MS. Its the body of Christ that is alive and working in our world today that seems so filled with trouble! Is God alive? Yes, you only need to come and see him at work in MS! What better way to fill an empty part of your life, just like myself, than to come and show a neighbor Gods' Love! For me, Life was just working, paying bills, just day by day! Today by me forsakeing my own needs, the reward is knowing that by faith, my life has a scents of meaning! Its not easy, faith never is, but the feeling in my heart is one that I have searched for so long! You know? What have I done to make a difference in my county, State,the world? Does my existants even matter? Life has passed by so fast, Today I have new Brothers and Sisters in Christ from around the world! Dear Friends in MS! My life is filled with so much Lagniappe! If you feel the emptiness in your life, step out into faith and come be a part of the restoration of the Bay St. Louis MS area. Help us, together by faith we will move this mountain! Your friend in the Bay! Conrad

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Missin' Me Some Terns....

Okay, here's my personal post of the day...It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I just couldn't resist giving a shout out to everyone who plugged back into the matrix and is gone from this summer! Tom's face sums it up well- You wouldn't believe LPC right now- I'll blog some photos tomorrow- you will really NOT believe it, the place looks great and you had so much to do with it! We still have Rynnie with us and that is a joy! You would LOVE Ruth (an R.N. who is interning with us until December and ate lunch with the family today). Aunt Kitty is working 2 days a week at LPC and in a strange time warp of the universe Conrad conjacked himself back to South Carolina to help with Hurricane Ernesto- I'm not kidding. Special kudos to the Furnace girls- and yes, pappa bear is coming to Furman on the weekend of Parent's Weekend (no one get too jealous, I was already scheduled to be there for a conference all weekend). On a side note I may get to see Dave and Haley in a couple of weeks- I'm about to head to Conneticut to see my cousin Paul who lives in Gardiner, N.Y. and make a 1,450 mile motorcycle, head-clearing, ride back to the Bay. I'll give you more details as they become available. I'm trying to route through Tuscaloosa, Knoxville, Memphis, Lexington, K.Y., Washington, D.C., Morgantown, PA- HELLO Kenley & Sarah! I really miss you guys, thanks for the pictures- I can't wait to see you again! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 01, 2006

Habitat, NAACP, NPR, Lowes, Lagniappe and Jesus

"Did you bring the camera?" Jean asked as we exited the truck. After accusing him of being a media hog we laughed and walked over to the crowd. It was 11:45 and we had just arrived for a 12:00 media blitz sponsored by Habitat. As a ceremonial dedication the cameras and community surrounded this small, 1,200 sq.ft. dwelling. It was an event marketing reps. salivate to attend, a time to "brand" their logo for all to see. Habitat had their logos displayed proudly, the mayor of Bay St. Louis was there, Lowes was present, as was the financial institution making the loan, the NAACP, NPR, Americorp, Habitat of Jackson and Habitat International. Oh yes, Lagniappe was also there. BY INVITATION. Jean concluded the service by read from Scripture, proclaiming God's glory revealed in Jesus, and prayed. It was succinct and lasted only 5 minutes but it displayed clearly the purpose of Lagniappe's presence in the Bay, to declare and demonstrate the love of God. Could we be accused of pandering to the media? You bet and we'll declare and demonstrate the love of God in Jesus Christ at every invitation.

The Day to Day

Hello Kim Larroux! Always there to greet with a smile and kind words of encouragement. Kim is our a.m. receptionist/greeter. Families entering our facility for the firt time are greeted by Kim's smiling face. Kim also answers the phones, takes messages, contributes to the organizational planning, and taking care of #III (Jean Larroux III). Great job Kim.
Clyde Baker came to Lagniappe after running the MTW Disaster Relief site in Moss Point. He faithfully served there and came to the Bay occassionally to visit. Clyde is now a regular, having moved to the Bay. He even brought his own housing, a 10'x 16' structure. It was a shed in Moss Point, it's now his home. Clyde cheerfully gives of his time freely, raising support for his "basic" expenses. Clyde built home for a living and brings a great amount of skill to Lagniappe. God is wonderfully bringing the people we need to do what we do. Ryn has been with Lagniappe since June, having coming as a 'tern.' Ryn has returned to serve during her Fall semester at William & Mary. Ryn loves people, loves to work, and will 'gladly' oblige any request to help. It's amazing to witness the maturity in this 20 year old.
Let me introduce you to Mimi. Mimi was one of two PCA families in the Bay prior to our arrival. Mimi lost everything and continues to live in a FEMA trailer. Daily she commits to coming in and helping out where she can. She calls families we have helped, asks how they are doing, and does basically anything we ask her to do. She also attends worship regularly with her daughter who comes down weekly to worship with us. Her daughter lives in Hattieburg. We are overjoyed that Mimi is a vital part of the Lagniappe family.