Friday, November 30, 2007


We need contractors, we need help. We have house, homes that are within a week worth of work that we need finished for the holidays but to much on the plates of Clyde and Andrew. Jobs that they can handle its just that it is just that, jobs. The Gillium home, Lennie Givens, Suzanne Howell, Wynetta Jacobs, and the Russo's. All of these homes are close and on top of that we have a big push to frame up a house with the RUF retreat coming right before we close for the holidays. Having these homes sit through Christmas takes its toll on the families. Please, if you fit the description and are capable of trim, installing toilets andn sinks, trouble shooting electrical, if you know the ins and outs of building, we need some help to finish these homes before Christmas, call the church at 228 HOPE 887, and we can see if you can help us accomplish our ambitious goal.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bird's Eye View

I used to work underneath this roof every day last summer, and for the months of February and March. I have since been moved into the office; I'm still coming to grips with the transition. However, today I got to ride the forks of our fork lift up to the roof of our tool shed--the roof that has hardly been touched since the storm. In many ways so much has changed; so much has been done, but then there's this reminder that it's not finished yet. Every morning after a rain, when we empty water out of wheel-barrows and remove protective tarps, we are reminded that there are HUGE holes in our roof. It was strange to stand up so high above our complex and look down through holes I have only ever looked UP through... I thought I'd share the bird's eye view from the day; you probably won't feel the same thrill I felt riding all the way up on our lift and climbing out onto the roof...but try. To those who think there is nothing left to do, I offer this as proof to the contrary. For those who know there is much left to do...come back.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Keeping History Alive

If you're thinking this is Lagniappe staff member Barbara Warner reading a book in the middle of the local cemetery, you would be correct! Lagniappe Presbyterian Church exists to participate in the restoration of creation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and that means we are just as interested in restoring the arts and history in this area as we are houses! Each October 31, The Historical Society of Bay St. Louis hosts a tour of the local cemetery, where volunteer "actors" tell the history of families buried there, thus reliving the history of Bay St. Louis. Donations for the tour go towards the restoration of the cemetery due to Hurricane Katrina. Here, Barb relives the life of the first librarian in the Bay. Did you also know that the waters of Bay St. Louis were host to one of the most important battles in the American Revolution? Neither did I, until I lead groups of interested visitors through the candlelit path, stopping at crypts along the way to listen to historical biographies of folks buried there. Only in Bay St. Louis! Love the shirt, Barb.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

One of the things we love to ask our volunteers to do while they are here is to make a sign which reflects something about the town, church or organization they come from. We never cease to be amazed at the creativity that goes into each sign, and we love the color they provide our "industrial" looking building! One of my very favorites is a recent addition, shown here in the bottom photo, "You fix houses, we'll fix dinner". This sign was designed by three very talented "visitor chefs" who answered our call for help in the kitchen, Kathryn Stephens, Cynthia Armstrong and Joy Phillips of Faith Reformed Pres., Frederick, Maryland. (See below) Not only did they fill our palette with delicious food for a week, but they left us with a taste of what real servanthood is, as they prepared three meals a day for five days straight for tons of hungry volunteers!

Does Santa need a tax-deduction?

Well, it's that time of year so we thought some of you might have some good contacts with old St. Nicholas....(for all of you who are offended at Santa/St. Nick references and tempted to send us an email reminding us that Christmas is about Jesus please don't. We'll just delete the email. We know Christmas is about Jesus, relax- we're just having some fun with the Santa reference- we love Jesus, just like you do- why else would be be here!) So, all that said- here's our list and don't forget (any gift that Santa puts under our FEMA trailer tree is tax-deductible!!!!) 2- Rigid 10 inch portable table saws from Home Depot (item #428-833) 200 linear feet of 6-8 foot industrial shelving that can stand up to serious use. If it was pallet rackable even better. 1- 8 1/2 inch double bevel sliding saw 1- DeWalt 718 12inch double bevel sliding saw 2- 3" x24" belt sanders 1- Wire welder with an argon bottle 1- Travel trailer (bumper pull) 6- Double beds with matress, boxsprings, and linens 6- Dressers 6- Nightstands 1- Toyota Sienna Mini-van for travel to/from speaking engagements 2- Ford Ranger pickup trucks (or similar) 1- 1/2 ton, long bed, crew cab pickup truck In all seriousness, please consider any help you can give us with these supplies. We are in real need right now- these supplies would go a long way...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Read All About It-3 of the 4 part series

We were so thrilled to host a group from Ole Miss last weekend-140 folks to be exact-for about 36 hours. Read here to see how things are going with us, and how you can pray for us! More good information here. And another piece here. Although there are several Mississippi State fans on staff at LPC, Jean is an Ole Miss alum. So I won't make any harsh comments. I think these articles are good. But, Go State! I'd like to challenge any groups from MSU to come top this!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Never Too Much About the Kitchen

Joy Phillips, Kathryn Stephens, and Cyndy Armstrong (L-R) from Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Fredrick, MD have been pampering us with delicious meals this week. We appreciate the detail and care that these gals have brought to their work in the Lagniappe kitchen. Some of the dishes that we have enjoyed this week include Blueberry French Toast with Blueberry syrup, Spinach Salad with green apples and walnuts, Cranberry Jello Salad, Beef Stroganoff... and the list goes on. You may think that we are fixated on the kitchen around here. Well, actually, all of this is to acknowledge and thank God for His provision in our time of need. Thanks, Joy, Kathryn and Cyndy for your tireless work to provide nutrious meals to the volunteers and staff at Lagniappe. Our volunteers who work longs hours each day are especially thankful for the meals you all have been providing. Thanks for answering the call and using your talents in the kitchen to serve the Lord.
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Masterful Matt Meeks - Chef for a Week

A great big Lagniappe thanks goes to Matt Meeks whose smiling face and soft Tennessee accent and demeanor set the tone for an outstanding culinary experience. Matt arrived on a Saturday and immediately was faced with a challenge...the boneless pork tenderloin he had expected to be here turned out to be a huge bone-in pork tenderloin. Not to be deterred, Matt proceded to thraw out the monster roast (all night on Saturday) and prepared a delicious Sunday dinner for the Lagniappe family. We knew right away that Matt's time in our kitchen would be memorable. Matt was relieved of his kitchen duties for a few days while the "No Bull in the Kitchen" folks were here. During that time Matt was busy working on one of the Lagnaippe houses. When the team from Brookhaven departed for home, Matt was back in the kitchen cooking up some great dishes. I love the picture of his hands busy at work preparing carrots for a dish (looks like a show on the Food Network)! Isn't it amazing how God continues to care for us in all the areas of our ministry here at Lagniappe? Thank you, Matt!
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Friday, November 02, 2007

Simple vs Shiny

Need is a relative thing these days, It borders on desire, The high tech world is full of bright shiny things, We think that we really require, Sometimes more than others, You see who and what and where You are, I'm a one-man band with no Immediate plans, Tonight I just need my guitar (Tonight I just need my guitar, Jimmy Buffett)
It's funny what I think I require to be satisfied. The desire that craves satisfaction looks at the "bright shiny things " and subtly says, "This is what you need." However,as soon as the box is open the shine disappears and yet another object becomes my desire. I imagine things that will satisfy; the next vacation, sleep, another book, another mp3 download, exercise, living in another place. I imagine my world of "bright shiny things" when what I really need is one simple thing, something so basic and so often neglected, not a guitar but the Gospel. It is in the Gospel that the Savior shines brighter and satisfies more fully than anything in creation. "Fair is the sunshine, Fair is the moonlight, Bright the sparkling stars on high; Jesus shines brighter, Jesus shines purer, Than all the angels in the sky."


WE GOT A CO TODAY FOR PINKY SMITH! For those of you who do not know a CO stands for certificate of occupancy. You recieve your CO after your final inspections. During the home building process we have to go through a series of inspections. First you must have your footers inspected before you can pour the concrete, then you must have your foundation inspected before you can pour the concrete for that. Next, before you can cover up the walls with drywall or siding you must go through a sheeting, framing, rough-in electrical, rough-in plumbing, and HVAC inspection. Once you pass these you need an electrical inspection to get power to the house and finally when everyhting is finished again you go through a final electrical, plumbing, building, and HVAC inspection. For those counting that is anywhere from 9 to 12 inspections depending on the jurisdiction, that final list sometimes is one trip by one inspector sometimes all different inspectors. So, yesterday, we got Pinky Smith's CO and she showed up later that day to say thank you, so thank you to all those who worked on her house. We love passing inspections, it often calls for dancing and even better we love moving people into their homes.