Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Masterful Matt Meeks - Chef for a Week

A great big Lagniappe thanks goes to Matt Meeks whose smiling face and soft Tennessee accent and demeanor set the tone for an outstanding culinary experience. Matt arrived on a Saturday and immediately was faced with a challenge...the boneless pork tenderloin he had expected to be here turned out to be a huge bone-in pork tenderloin. Not to be deterred, Matt proceded to thraw out the monster roast (all night on Saturday) and prepared a delicious Sunday dinner for the Lagniappe family. We knew right away that Matt's time in our kitchen would be memorable. Matt was relieved of his kitchen duties for a few days while the "No Bull in the Kitchen" folks were here. During that time Matt was busy working on one of the Lagnaippe houses. When the team from Brookhaven departed for home, Matt was back in the kitchen cooking up some great dishes. I love the picture of his hands busy at work preparing carrots for a dish (looks like a show on the Food Network)! Isn't it amazing how God continues to care for us in all the areas of our ministry here at Lagniappe? Thank you, Matt!
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matt said...

THANKS Barbara for the kind words!