Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2nd anniversary of Katrina

and our amazing God sent a beautiful rainbow to bless the day. The day was so clear, the skies were bright, clouds puffy, and around 530 pm, after all the press conferences with President Bush in Bay St Louis, after all the excitement of the afternoon was winding down, a fabulous rainbow appeared in the East sky, starting in the Bay of St Louis, over the Bay Bridge, and ending in the Gulf. I took this from my driveway, in awe and amazement of the God that sits on His throne in Heaven, directing the weather just as He desires. Katrina or rainbow, rain or shine.

President Bush speaks in Bay St. Louis on Katrina’s 2 year anniversary

On Hurricane Katrina’s second anniversary President George W. Bush came to our city of Bay St. Louis. President Bush spoke on the rebuilding efforts along the gulf coast. The President mentioned the new Bay Bridge in his speech calling it “And it's a beautiful-looking bridge. And it's working.” and the new railroad bridge that have been built since the time of the storm. “Remember when we first choppered over here, Governor, the bridge was -- there might have been a few pylons showing. You could see the planks underwater of that bridge.” –President G. W. Bush “There's still obstacles, and there's still work to be done. But there's been a lot of progress made, and that's what people have got to understand. And I have come to this site, what we call Ground Zero -- this is where the worst of the worst of the storm hit -- to be able to show the American people that through their generosity, this infrastructure has been rebuilt.” –President G. W. Bush “It's that community spirit that has been very impressive to me and Laura. It's that can-do attitude. It's the attitude that said, okay, a storm came; we understand it, we don't like it, but we're going to deal with it. That's the Mississippi spirit.” –President G. W. Bush The President also took the time to thank all of the volunteers and works that have brought this city back to life. We here at Lagniappe Presbyterian Church would like to do the same for all the volunteers that we have come down. THANK YOU!!! Because of you volunteers we are able to rebuild. We would also like to thank President Bush for coming down and visiting our city. You can read all of the President’s speech at Soli Deo Gloria; To God Alone Be The Glory President George W. Bush in Bay St. Louis, MS

Monday, August 20, 2007

Redeemer New Orleans

I would like to personally recommend to you the ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New Orleans, LA. It is a PCA work and doing 'Lagniappe' type ministry in the city. The video above is compelling and their need is tremendous. Call us or call them- we can help you connect with New Orleans for restoration ministry. God is at work, please contact Ray Cannata for more information. -Jean F. Larroux, III

Lagniappe Time off...

Just FYI- Lagniappe staff is taking two weeks of R&R at the end of August...they are scattered to the four corners of the U.S. so watch your local area for a staff spotting...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lagniappe gets a Race horse....SERIOUSLY!

Many thanks to Mr. Jake Morreale (one of the owners of the Lagniappe building) who recently named one of his thoroughbred race horses 'Lagniappe in BSL'. Jordan got the opportunity to pick out the colt when he visited with Jake. Let us know if you ever see him in a race. Just some trivia for you race fans- the colts parents were 'Dove Hunt' and 'Seven from Heaven'- Give me 'Lagniappe in BSL' to Win in the third!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

a final night with some interns

Click here to see a fun night with the interns, staff at a local coffee shop/eatery.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Howell Passes Inspection

Today the Howell house passes inspection and we can now start to put in the drywall. Soli Deo Gloria Howell as of August the 9th It has never been so nice to have a covered deck Master bedroom Putting in the tub All the plumbing is now in

Saturday, August 04, 2007

musings from Cammie

I was reading a book called "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott tonight and I wanted to share something from what i read. "But the way I see things, God loves you the same whether you're being elegant or not. It feels much better when you are, but even when you can't fake it, God still listens to your prayers. Again and again I tell God I need help, and God says, 'Well, isn't that fabulous? Because I need some help too. So you go get that old woman over there some water, and I'll figure out what we're going to do about your stuff.' Maybe on that day, when my friend asked God for energy that morning, God said, 'Well great, because your friend's kid needs a ride to school. Could you do that for me? And I'll be getting you some strength'."

Friday, August 03, 2007

Why My Job Is Fun...Along With Getting too Meet all ya'll Volunteers

At Lowe's, as always and I run into Roy. Roy is the son of Barbara Crochett, one of the home owners we are working with. Roy is pretty handy so it is a fun job because he is able to run much of the job and the project moves quickly when the homeonwer is working on the project. Not to mention it is just a lighter load when all of the work does not depend on us. Due to waiting on a grant Roy has picked up an HVAC unit for cheap to keep his mother's house moving. Get back to Lagniappe and talking to Ruth as always. She informs me that one of our teams is bringing a HVAC contractor. Would have never known Roy had gotten this unit, especially not today which is when we are assigning out the work if I hadn't ran into Roy at Lowe's. This means we can put the HVAC in and get to insulation and sheetrock probably up to a month earlier due to not having to wait on that grant. That and the cost to Lagniappe and the homeowner will be minimal. Not to many HVAC guys come through here and we have only done one of these jobs in the past, otherwise it has all been contracted out. To fun, call it what you will but I will thank the Lord for this for the simple joy of putting a perfect fit between a team and a homeonwer's need together. I love this stuff, and love my job on days like this.


Work at the Howell House is still moving along. Right now at Howell the siding, putting in the water lines and the air ducts. Soli Deo Gloria Howell as of August the 2nd The covered deck The living / dining room The air ducts going in Putting in the hot and cold water lines