Friday, August 03, 2007

Why My Job Is Fun...Along With Getting too Meet all ya'll Volunteers

At Lowe's, as always and I run into Roy. Roy is the son of Barbara Crochett, one of the home owners we are working with. Roy is pretty handy so it is a fun job because he is able to run much of the job and the project moves quickly when the homeonwer is working on the project. Not to mention it is just a lighter load when all of the work does not depend on us. Due to waiting on a grant Roy has picked up an HVAC unit for cheap to keep his mother's house moving. Get back to Lagniappe and talking to Ruth as always. She informs me that one of our teams is bringing a HVAC contractor. Would have never known Roy had gotten this unit, especially not today which is when we are assigning out the work if I hadn't ran into Roy at Lowe's. This means we can put the HVAC in and get to insulation and sheetrock probably up to a month earlier due to not having to wait on that grant. That and the cost to Lagniappe and the homeowner will be minimal. Not to many HVAC guys come through here and we have only done one of these jobs in the past, otherwise it has all been contracted out. To fun, call it what you will but I will thank the Lord for this for the simple joy of putting a perfect fit between a team and a homeonwer's need together. I love this stuff, and love my job on days like this.


Jersey Ryn said...

heck yeah, williamsburg. :)

Emily Baker said...

Got your letter today and saw the blog. Great to hear from you and sounds like things are going well. I can totally picture you doing what your doing. God is good!

Virginia said...

J -
Well, you are my friend, posts like this make me happy. I do miss you an intense amount. I hope to see you soon!