Saturday, September 22, 2007

God's Amazing Glory and/or ThankfulnessThat We Weren't All Killed (or Mauled by Bears!)

God's Amazing Creation in what Becky would say is God's Country, Tennessee!
"Getting Ready for the Big Weekend" or "Novices Putting Together a Tent"
Sarah hanging around.
Even Old Dogs can learn new tricks!
Spider Woman Keri
Our lives were literally held in his hands! Our trusty guide, Rusty. (We really work hard at Lagniappe the rest of the year, we promise, we do.)

A Good Time Was Had By ALL?

As sports fans worldwide know, Mississippi State University recently DEFEATED Auburn University in what was surely a surprise for many. Above you will see MSU fan John Sabin surveying the crowd to see if it is safe to enter the stadium.
Here we see Lynne Sabin having a laugh with Thomas, even before the game was over!

The sign says it all!

And lookey who is wearing the hat NOW! Thank you, Interns, for showing us a good time. You were good sports.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barb Warner and Nathan

Barb with grandson, Nathan Christopher Barrick. Born September 15, 20077 lbs. 11 ozs.21 inches long Richmond, VA to parents Chris and Tammy Barrick. Though we have missed Barb she is where she needs to be, with family. What a great mom. What a great grandmother. You are a great grandmother just not a great-grandmother. We miss you.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singing the Bay back to life

Mississippi public broadcasting aired a piece on two local artists who are working to rebuild their lives and studios in Bay Saint Louis- It is a profound reminder that God is at work in all of the venues of life- art, music, culture AND construction. Kat Fitzpatrick (one of the two featured in the article) can be seen on any given day getting coffee at the Mockingbird cafe and changing some of the pieces she has on display there. She is also about to begin singing with Ellis Anderson (I think) doing some local venues- as you will hear Kat has a great voice and a very rich soul. I couldn't help but think as I listened to her sing of that great imagery in C.S. Lewis of Aslan singing Narnia into existence- perhaps as people made in his image part of the restoration of that creation is to sing as well. NOTE: the slide show during the audio is of some of Kat's work that I could find on the web as well as a photo of her smiling face!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


From the valley, there is vision. From the depths of woe, God teaches me. I am writing you to thank you so much for your prayers. I had a consult with a physical therapist today, and he said my knee was doing so well that he didn't even want me to do therapy-he wanted me to go home! And tell my doctor that I was better! How amazing, to go from an ER visit, crutches, to walking in 10 days. I truly believe it's because of the prayer I received. I have no pain, and I am walking freely. Thanks be to God! My strep throat seems to be on the mend, after a second visit to the doctor, and I am hoping to continue to be improving there as well. I have several more doctor visits this week and the next, so please pray with me that those will go well, and that my health will be restored through God's providence. I am also trusting Him to provide funding to pay for my medicine/dr visits since I have not met my insurance deductible yet. Please pray for that with me. Kate is doing much, much better. She is finishing a round of steroids and antibiotics, and is doing a nightly breathing treatment for the bronchitis, and she is so sweet while she is doing it. I think she is feeling better and she is a happier little girl. Andy is working very hard, hasn't been to the doctor yet for his cough, so we are praying that he can heal, too. Thank you so much for praying. My health has improved in the past week, and I am so thankful to you all, thankful that God holds me in His hand and protects me, guides me, and loves me. Continue your prayers for Lagniappe-we are still recruiting teams for fall, and if you would like to bring some volunteers to us, do not hesitate to call me and ask how you can help. Soli Deo Gloria. Cammie

Friday, September 07, 2007

"Thank You Lord," Mo Leverett, New Orleans, September, '06

Thank you for the sun against the cloud, piercing every darkness in the shroud, broken down by love, gentle shove, thank you Lord. You surprise the wounded boy with joy, You rebuild what others would destroy, here I am that child reconciled, thank you Lord. You repair what other’s set aside, You restore what others would divide, healing hands arrive, I’m alive, thank you Lord. My Lord is like a shelter from the rain, and potent medication for my pain, calm that stormy sea, inside of me, thank you Lord. When a soul is lonely you embrace, you will crown what others would disgrace, what was once a frown, turned around, thank you Lord. There is an infection in the skin, there is pain and pestilence within, you can be the knife, to save my life, thank you Lord. Thank you for the woman I behold, children are the father’s pot of gold, but when my skies turn gray, let me say, thank you Lord. (From the album, Of Orphans and Kings)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why no picture I do not know?

So leaving the Bay one almost always runs into Lagniappe volunteers that have come through this place. From Michigan at my cousins wedding, to Chattanooga at my sister's graduation it seems the volunteers have come from far and wide. Vacation took me to Chattanooga, Chicago, and Boston and by far the craziest run in with a Lagniappe volunteer may have been at Fenway park watching a Red Sox game. John Maudlin and Caleb Tingle from Redeemer Church in Athens, Georgia had come up for some games and we ran into each other in the stands. Did I mention the game was a no hitter, only the 11th in Fenway history, wanna talk about it. Crazy. The reaches of the Lagniappe volunteer are far and wide.