Friday, September 07, 2007

"Thank You Lord," Mo Leverett, New Orleans, September, '06

Thank you for the sun against the cloud, piercing every darkness in the shroud, broken down by love, gentle shove, thank you Lord. You surprise the wounded boy with joy, You rebuild what others would destroy, here I am that child reconciled, thank you Lord. You repair what other’s set aside, You restore what others would divide, healing hands arrive, I’m alive, thank you Lord. My Lord is like a shelter from the rain, and potent medication for my pain, calm that stormy sea, inside of me, thank you Lord. When a soul is lonely you embrace, you will crown what others would disgrace, what was once a frown, turned around, thank you Lord. There is an infection in the skin, there is pain and pestilence within, you can be the knife, to save my life, thank you Lord. Thank you for the woman I behold, children are the father’s pot of gold, but when my skies turn gray, let me say, thank you Lord. (From the album, Of Orphans and Kings)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful reminder of the Lord's constant blessings. We think of our Lagniappe family daily and are thankful for eternal friendships.
Doug and Becky