Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singing the Bay back to life

Mississippi public broadcasting aired a piece on two local artists who are working to rebuild their lives and studios in Bay Saint Louis- It is a profound reminder that God is at work in all of the venues of life- art, music, culture AND construction. Kat Fitzpatrick (one of the two featured in the article) can be seen on any given day getting coffee at the Mockingbird cafe and changing some of the pieces she has on display there. She is also about to begin singing with Ellis Anderson (I think) doing some local venues- as you will hear Kat has a great voice and a very rich soul. I couldn't help but think as I listened to her sing of that great imagery in C.S. Lewis of Aslan singing Narnia into existence- perhaps as people made in his image part of the restoration of that creation is to sing as well. NOTE: the slide show during the audio is of some of Kat's work that I could find on the web as well as a photo of her smiling face!

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