Wednesday, September 12, 2007


From the valley, there is vision. From the depths of woe, God teaches me. I am writing you to thank you so much for your prayers. I had a consult with a physical therapist today, and he said my knee was doing so well that he didn't even want me to do therapy-he wanted me to go home! And tell my doctor that I was better! How amazing, to go from an ER visit, crutches, to walking in 10 days. I truly believe it's because of the prayer I received. I have no pain, and I am walking freely. Thanks be to God! My strep throat seems to be on the mend, after a second visit to the doctor, and I am hoping to continue to be improving there as well. I have several more doctor visits this week and the next, so please pray with me that those will go well, and that my health will be restored through God's providence. I am also trusting Him to provide funding to pay for my medicine/dr visits since I have not met my insurance deductible yet. Please pray for that with me. Kate is doing much, much better. She is finishing a round of steroids and antibiotics, and is doing a nightly breathing treatment for the bronchitis, and she is so sweet while she is doing it. I think she is feeling better and she is a happier little girl. Andy is working very hard, hasn't been to the doctor yet for his cough, so we are praying that he can heal, too. Thank you so much for praying. My health has improved in the past week, and I am so thankful to you all, thankful that God holds me in His hand and protects me, guides me, and loves me. Continue your prayers for Lagniappe-we are still recruiting teams for fall, and if you would like to bring some volunteers to us, do not hesitate to call me and ask how you can help. Soli Deo Gloria. Cammie

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Anonymous said...

Know that this family has and will continue for you and your family's complete healing. We are so thankful to hear you all are doing better and are not at all surprised that you are!!!! God is good and he is good ALL the time, even when we don't recognize it. We will continue to lift all of you up in prayer for his complete healing. Doug and Becky