Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why no picture I do not know?

So leaving the Bay one almost always runs into Lagniappe volunteers that have come through this place. From Michigan at my cousins wedding, to Chattanooga at my sister's graduation it seems the volunteers have come from far and wide. Vacation took me to Chattanooga, Chicago, and Boston and by far the craziest run in with a Lagniappe volunteer may have been at Fenway park watching a Red Sox game. John Maudlin and Caleb Tingle from Redeemer Church in Athens, Georgia had come up for some games and we ran into each other in the stands. Did I mention the game was a no hitter, only the 11th in Fenway history, wanna talk about it. Crazy. The reaches of the Lagniappe volunteer are far and wide.

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