Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Never Too Much About the Kitchen

Joy Phillips, Kathryn Stephens, and Cyndy Armstrong (L-R) from Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Fredrick, MD have been pampering us with delicious meals this week. We appreciate the detail and care that these gals have brought to their work in the Lagniappe kitchen. Some of the dishes that we have enjoyed this week include Blueberry French Toast with Blueberry syrup, Spinach Salad with green apples and walnuts, Cranberry Jello Salad, Beef Stroganoff... and the list goes on. You may think that we are fixated on the kitchen around here. Well, actually, all of this is to acknowledge and thank God for His provision in our time of need. Thanks, Joy, Kathryn and Cyndy for your tireless work to provide nutrious meals to the volunteers and staff at Lagniappe. Our volunteers who work longs hours each day are especially thankful for the meals you all have been providing. Thanks for answering the call and using your talents in the kitchen to serve the Lord.
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DeeDee said...

Cindy Armstrong!!!! I know her!!!! She and her husband used to be in Kosciusko!!!!

DeeDee said...

Oh yeah...please tell her I said hello!!!!

Juice said...

And she knows my parents!! AAAAAHHHH!!!