Friday, November 30, 2007


We need contractors, we need help. We have house, homes that are within a week worth of work that we need finished for the holidays but to much on the plates of Clyde and Andrew. Jobs that they can handle its just that it is just that, jobs. The Gillium home, Lennie Givens, Suzanne Howell, Wynetta Jacobs, and the Russo's. All of these homes are close and on top of that we have a big push to frame up a house with the RUF retreat coming right before we close for the holidays. Having these homes sit through Christmas takes its toll on the families. Please, if you fit the description and are capable of trim, installing toilets andn sinks, trouble shooting electrical, if you know the ins and outs of building, we need some help to finish these homes before Christmas, call the church at 228 HOPE 887, and we can see if you can help us accomplish our ambitious goal.

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