Friday, November 16, 2007

Does Santa need a tax-deduction?

Well, it's that time of year so we thought some of you might have some good contacts with old St. Nicholas....(for all of you who are offended at Santa/St. Nick references and tempted to send us an email reminding us that Christmas is about Jesus please don't. We'll just delete the email. We know Christmas is about Jesus, relax- we're just having some fun with the Santa reference- we love Jesus, just like you do- why else would be be here!) So, all that said- here's our list and don't forget (any gift that Santa puts under our FEMA trailer tree is tax-deductible!!!!) 2- Rigid 10 inch portable table saws from Home Depot (item #428-833) 200 linear feet of 6-8 foot industrial shelving that can stand up to serious use. If it was pallet rackable even better. 1- 8 1/2 inch double bevel sliding saw 1- DeWalt 718 12inch double bevel sliding saw 2- 3" x24" belt sanders 1- Wire welder with an argon bottle 1- Travel trailer (bumper pull) 6- Double beds with matress, boxsprings, and linens 6- Dressers 6- Nightstands 1- Toyota Sienna Mini-van for travel to/from speaking engagements 2- Ford Ranger pickup trucks (or similar) 1- 1/2 ton, long bed, crew cab pickup truck In all seriousness, please consider any help you can give us with these supplies. We are in real need right now- these supplies would go a long way...

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