Friday, November 16, 2007

Keeping History Alive

If you're thinking this is Lagniappe staff member Barbara Warner reading a book in the middle of the local cemetery, you would be correct! Lagniappe Presbyterian Church exists to participate in the restoration of creation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and that means we are just as interested in restoring the arts and history in this area as we are houses! Each October 31, The Historical Society of Bay St. Louis hosts a tour of the local cemetery, where volunteer "actors" tell the history of families buried there, thus reliving the history of Bay St. Louis. Donations for the tour go towards the restoration of the cemetery due to Hurricane Katrina. Here, Barb relives the life of the first librarian in the Bay. Did you also know that the waters of Bay St. Louis were host to one of the most important battles in the American Revolution? Neither did I, until I lead groups of interested visitors through the candlelit path, stopping at crypts along the way to listen to historical biographies of folks buried there. Only in Bay St. Louis! Love the shirt, Barb.

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Lindsey said...

Barb- is that one of the shawls we received this summer? It looks so pretty- I have mine here- and it is just about cold enough to wear it all the time.