Friday, September 01, 2006

Habitat, NAACP, NPR, Lowes, Lagniappe and Jesus

"Did you bring the camera?" Jean asked as we exited the truck. After accusing him of being a media hog we laughed and walked over to the crowd. It was 11:45 and we had just arrived for a 12:00 media blitz sponsored by Habitat. As a ceremonial dedication the cameras and community surrounded this small, 1,200 sq.ft. dwelling. It was an event marketing reps. salivate to attend, a time to "brand" their logo for all to see. Habitat had their logos displayed proudly, the mayor of Bay St. Louis was there, Lowes was present, as was the financial institution making the loan, the NAACP, NPR, Americorp, Habitat of Jackson and Habitat International. Oh yes, Lagniappe was also there. BY INVITATION. Jean concluded the service by read from Scripture, proclaiming God's glory revealed in Jesus, and prayed. It was succinct and lasted only 5 minutes but it displayed clearly the purpose of Lagniappe's presence in the Bay, to declare and demonstrate the love of God. Could we be accused of pandering to the media? You bet and we'll declare and demonstrate the love of God in Jesus Christ at every invitation.

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