Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 2006 NOT 2005!

Today I drove around the Bay to record some photos to take and show at the PCA women's conference in September. It was sobering. At every turn I continually said to myself, "No one is going to believe that these pictures are from today....noone." It was a bit surreal. We spend everyday driving by houses and FEMA trailers, piles of debris and tattered American flags, but to drive around to SPECIFICALLY 'take it in again' was sobering. I kept looking for sheds we had built or homes we had repaired and was struck by the fact that there is so much still to be done, so little we have done. Please pray for the Bay, please. It is in desparate need. We are in desparate need. We need teams, support, prayer and stamina. All over the city tattered American flags wave in the Gulf breeze- the residents of the Bay will not give up, neither will we. Posted by Picasa


Les said...

Jean, so little you may have done as far as outward appearances go BUT Oh, how much you have done in the hearts of the people in the Bay as well as in Memphis. You are furthering the Kingdom one heart at a time so dont measure what you have done by outward appearances my friend... Love you lots.. Leslie

Anonymous said...

It does still look as it did months ago in certain ways, but you can see some subtle changes. As one of the youth members of our team said in June, "It's a bunch of little steps that lead to something great". Lagniappe has made and is making the steps to get to the something great, God's glory here on earth. It's not the building of sheds or houses that make the lasting effect. It is the spiritual relationships we build that will make the biggest change.

Meghan K Lloyd said...

The Bay has impacted my life more than I could have imagined. Working on the sheds and loving on people during my Spring Break last year was amazingly fruitful for my walk. I saw the body of Christ moving together to rebuild not only the physical devestation, but more importantly the spiritual brokeness. Jean, I will be attending the WIC Conference in September and I will definitely back up those pictures as truth becasue I've seen it.
for the fame of His name,