Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thanks to the "houma" girls

People often ask, "what can we do for you?" and secondly "how is your wife doing with everything?" Great questions both, usually the second question comes from other women, who somehow get the idea that it might be tough on a wife to move down here and help with a church plant in the middle of a disaster relief site. (sarcasm intended) It is hard, and the ladies from Houma, LA who came and ministered to them were great encouragement, both to them, and to us, as we got to see them be encouraged. Ellen did some great photography that I needed for the website, and we've updated the photos of the area with RECENT photos from Friday of this week. That's right, the photo album you'll see below, was taken 2 days ago. Yep, you guessed it, it's still that bad. We are about to have our 5th gas station open in the county in the next 20 days. Still more than half of the residents have FEMA trailers in their yards. We still need your volunteers to come down and co-labor with us, participating in the restoration of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
From Katrina 1 Year Later...

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