Monday, December 11, 2006

One of the Things I'm Praying For...

Today, Kenley, pictured above, did a punch out list on one of the houses that we are close to finishing. It was as follows: Electrical:
  • install switch in bedroom
  • install range hood
  • wire three way switches in living room
  • install AC outlet covers
  • install kitchen light
  • hook up water heater
  • Plumbing:
  • install water heater
  • install tub and shower fixtures
  • Miscellaneous:
  • install cabinet knobs
  • hang medicine cabinet
The point of this story, this is not necessarily a list you can put a team on to finish. Often teams will come with one or a few folks skilled in building. If I put a team on a list like this one guy will work and all the rest will be sitting around not accomplishing much. However, this is probably the most pressing work order I have, accomplishing this list will allow Ms. Tomasich to be able to move into her home. Kenley, Dick, and Dr. Tom, all pictured above are retired men that came down with their wifes, lived in the back of the Lagniappe property at our RV hook-up sites in trailers, and have worked and stayed at Lagniappe for weeks and months straight. Given, Kenley has often wanted to be fired because he finds it hard to not to work to hard, but these type of commitments have made the work at Lagniappe possible. Men that have owned homes and can accomplish or through the advice of Conrad accomplish such a list and check off the "small stuff" that HAS to be done. Dr. Tom had to leave after a month of service, Dick will be back soon for two weeks to do drywall finishing, and Kenley, although he is back, has been drawn into working to hard again on big picture stuff such as home blue prints and permitting issues. Helen has recently gotten over $100K on grants to finish out homes, this means many homes that will have punch lists very similar to above. Moral of the story is I am praying for folks that want to make atleast a month or longer commitment to come specifically to help out on houses and work on such lists. With the wau prayers are answered down here I would just like to thank the Lord for the folks that will soon be punching out these lists and say I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.

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