Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today we hosted the men (and a few women) of Grace Presbytery. It was so wonderful to have fellow Christians worshiping with us in the Bay! We heard good news, prayer requests, business matters, and personal matters. It was a nice meeting, and I enjoyed working with Kelly Moore and Barbara Warner to make name tags for our guests. Lagniappe was so excited to extend to them some of the goodness that we get to extend to our volunteers, via our kitchen staff, Eric and Alicia. A tasty lunch of grilled catfish with crawfish etoufee on top, jambalaya, steamed asparagus, homemade garlic bread, and salad. i haven't even talked about dessert yet. dessert was a table of chocolate covered strawberries, flan, homemade bread pudding with special sauce, and banana pudding. now if you don't need a nap after that meal, then i don't know what to tell you. i personally enjoyed seeing lots of oldie but goodie friends of mine-my pastor from Brookhaven from over 10 years ago, who wed Andy to me, and also baptized Kate Taylor; the assistant pastor that I grew up beneath his teaching and whom I also babysat for his children since their birth (his oldest I believe is now graduating High School); my old journalism teacher turned pastor who is soon moving to do some work in Malawi, Africa; a pastor that I visited with while I spent time with family in Jackson, MS at Northpark Pres Church in Jackson, MS; several of Andy's best friends dads, and so on. I loved being a part of today, and I feel so fortunate for being invited. Funny story about Caleb Cangelosi, a friend of Andy's: When Andy and I were dating, I went to a very formal dinner party at Caleb's home in Jackson, MS, and they were expecting their first child at the time. Anyway, I was new to the scene: Andy and I had been dating for a mere 3 months. When asked how we met, I simply replied with a joke that I'd heard Andy quote many times. "We had the same parole officer." Laughs usually followed, with a slight embarrassment on my part, wondering if they believed him. But if anyone knows Andy's sense of humor, you know that he jokes a LOT. well, Caleb asked me how we met, and all was silent, and I tried the joke. "We had the same parole officer." No one laughed. Silence. Freaking out in my head. I said, "Haha i'm just kidding, we met at RUF." (which was the truth.) Laughter ensued, a sigh of relief on my part, and the dinner continued. I haven't told that joke to this day. Curt took lots of photos so I am sure he will post soon. what a great day in the Bay!

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