Friday, February 29, 2008

Holding on to Hope Women's Conference Happened

This time last week, Friday, February 22, excitement was in the air as Lagniappe's first women's conference began. Women from eight states and communities along the Gulf coast gathered for dinner and the opening session. Jean Larroux, pastor of Lagniappe greeted the women and we were on our way. The talented, lovely Teresa Sugar, Director of Women's Ministry at Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, TN, lead us in worship as we lifted our voices in praise to our God. Nancy Guthrie, our conference speaker, also a member of Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, TN got us going with some interesting questions that allowed us to get to know some about each other. Nancy moved quickly into the first teaching session as we looked at the life of Job. We were drawn into the opening chapters of Job as we heard of the suffering of Job, from the loss of his material possessions, to his children and then the physical suffering that came upon him. Nancy began to share in the context of Job's life and suffering, her own personal journey into suffering and loss. She was open and honest as she told us of her anguish and despair as she confronted the death of her daughter, Hope. Time and space does not permit me to write what is in my heart. You may listen to all three teaching sessions from the conference online or download them to your MP3/IPOD. I must confess I am a novice at "blogging" especially with pictures. I have no clue how this is going to look. I just wanted to get something on the blog about the conference. Stay alert for future pictures and postings regarding the women's conference. If you have pictures please send them so that we can share them. Thanks Nancy, Teresa and the great team from Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, TN, who tirelessly prayed and planned, came to Lagniappe so that women would be encouraged and blessed! We say "THANK YOU"!
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