Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lagniappe Featured as a Sunday in America

From the inside jacket; In her tour of more than thirty states, Shea: Knocked knees with President Jimmy Carter at his Plains, Georgia, Baptist church on Independence Day. Got a wake up call from Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's preacher daughter, at a sprawling conservative church in South Carolina. Followed the signs for a hot tub dealership that, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, has become a new Presbyterian church in Mississippi... An excerpt from the chapter: I chose neighboring Bay St. Louis because I wanted to visit a church in a town largely ignored assistancewise and publicitywise, and that is still suffering. A year later, the barriers where I-90 halts at a no-longer-existent bridge over wide St. Louis Bay hammer home the fact that Katrina's winds and water were higher and stronger there in rural Hancock County than anywhere in the ninety thousand square miles declared as federal disaster areas. More than half the county's nineteen thousand homes were obliterated, commercial areas were destroyed, landscape transformed to postnuclear skeletal. One year later, the $110 billion in revitalization funding promised by the government is as hard to access as the other side of the bay.

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