Monday, December 15, 2008

College Blitz Build Underway!

As I sit at my computer, 6 students from the University of North Carolina are cleaning the kitchen, and 30 more college students have driven off in green vans and Honda accords to the Lagniappe work site! This week Lagniappe is partnering with Habitat for Humanity, and 2 houses will be dried in (that means framed, sheeted, sided, painted, and roofed) by Friday. The students come from North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. Many just finished their finals on Saturday and drove down on Sunday. It is a tremendous sacrifice of time and money on their part, and we are thankful for their participation in the ongoing work! Please keep them and the staff of both Lagniappe and Habitat in your prayers this week. We will be updating the blog daily and hopefully will have some pictures of the progress by this afternoon!

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