Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go, Send, or Disobey

This is a famous quote by John Piper regarding missions. It sounds harsh, but Biblically, Piper argues that the Christian is either called to GO to the mission field, or help SEND others to the field...neither is more spiritual than the other, but to do neither is disobedience to God's call. Many who read this blog are "senders." You support LPC financially; you support us in your prayers. You encourage us from far away in the ministry that God has called us to in Bay Saint Louis. FYI: Just because you send, does NOT mean you are not doing (or called to do) missionary and ministry work in your own community either! All that being said, we are thankful for the senders. We could not be here without your investment in the Kingdom. God uses you mightily in ways you cannot even imagine. However, it is exciting for us when senders become "Goers." (I know it's not a word, just give it to me). This week we have members of Lynne and John Sabin's church, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greenwood, MS. This church has supported and encouraged John and Lynne--both financially and through prayer. But this week they CAME! They are here-doing the work that they have heard so much about these last 2 years. We are thankful for their partnership, thankful for their service, and thankful that some can go, some can send, and some have the privilege of doing both!

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