Thursday, March 19, 2009

Veteran Volunteers!

This week Lagniappe is full to the brim with, what we term, "veteran volunteers." The Cross (a campus ministry at the University of Tennessee) began coming to the coast before Lagniappe existed, and has a continued ministry of excellent service punctuated by a deep love for each other that spills out into all their interactions. They are a dynamic and hard-working group, and we love having them! Our second crew is from Pennsylvania, and are what we might term an "older, active" crowd. They have been given a very difficult task this week, and are working hard with great attitudes. So far, the students from the Cross have painted the Mockingbird, begun a foundation, framed up a house, and done a number of projects in the local high school. Our friends from Pennsylvania have installed windows and siding on a particularly difficult rehab project. (For more pictures, see the photo-album on the left side of the web-page.)

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