Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trailer sweet trailer

Well, it's Wednesday morning January 11, 2006. I am sitting at a booth seat in my 'breakfast area' typing on my laptop looking out over my new front yard which is impressed with tractor tire marks which are filling with water leaking from the hose hookup to my trailer. I couldn't be happier. Last evening I travelled to Bay St. Louis following my Presbytery exam and wanted to sleep in the trailer. Call it nostalgia, call it whatever, I love the symbolism- must be the old Anglican in me. My mom met me for dinner and then we came to the trailer, she brought sheets, a coffee maker and some beer- thanks mom! I nestled snug in the queen size bed and slept with more peace than I have enjoyed in quite some time. Today holds lots of questions, but I am still basking in God's goodness from yesterday's Presbytery meeting (see above entry). Blessings and peace.

-Jean F. Larroux III

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