Thursday, February 09, 2006

View from the trailer...

Kevin Teasley, RUF campus minister at Wake Forrest spent the night in the Larroux Chateau last night. Kevin is bringing a group of 49 students to the Bay for Spring break and is in town doing some preliminary work to get oriented to the ministry and the coast. Funny story: As Kevin looked out the trailer window this morning we both saw that the neighbor's home had a 'For Sale' sign in the yard- to which I commented, "I wonder why they are selling?" Kevin didn't miss a beat as he looked out at trees, blue tarps, debris etc. (all of which I have grown accustomed to) and said, "I could tell you." We had a good laugh. It should be a great mission experience for the Wake group in March. Today Kevin flys back to North Carolina and Katie Pennock comes in to see the coast for the first time. We are scheduled to meet with the leadership from Morrell to finish details of long-term shed building and trailer placement at their property.

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