Thursday, October 16, 2008

God is still bringing volunteers

Sometimes things seem slow here; when the building is empty and our staff fill up only one table at lunch. On those days, I tend to panic. "Where are the people? How will finish the job? Does anyone remember?" This weighs espcially heavily on me as the "Resource Coordinator;" recruiting volunteers is my job! It is on those days that I walk to our main building and look around at the signs on the walls and remember that God brought all of those people; He will bring more. Then, like the 9 lepers, I often forget to return to Him in praise when our parking lot, lunch-room, and bunkhouses are full! This week we have volunteers from California, Rhode-Island, and North Carolina helping to hang sheet-rock and finish a foundation. We are especially excited that Ruth Friant's father is volunteering here this week! Ruth has shown him little mercy-sending him out to pour concrete and hang sheet-rock, but he has everything with a great attitude. Our Northern friends have been a little frightened of our bugs down here-apparently our dragon-flies are like F 250s, and our wood-roaches are the size of armadillos....but they are hanging in there! Popsicles have a way of making every day better, as the picture makes clear. Thank you to all the volunteers who have remembered and returned. Thank you to our Heavenly Father who has never forgotten, who never sleeps, and who will surely finish the good work He has begun.

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