Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I believe; help my unbelief

I have seen the Gospel at work in my life over the years, punctuated and perhaps accelerated by my time here. I know that the truth of the Gospel is transformative; that indeed prostitutes and perfectionists are both brought to the foot of the cross-loved. I have seen, for two summers, God do this incredible work in the lives of college interns. I have witness walls torn down, sins confessed, brokenness acknowledged, forgiveness and love extended and accepted. It always happens-not because of Lagniappe's magic formula or particular genius, really it's quite the opposite. It happens most often when our "magic formulas" and genius are revealed for what they are-good ways to avoid Jesus. Why then do I doubt? Why do I fear that God will not bring about that same transformation in the lives of the new interns He brought this year? Why do I climb onto the hamster wheel of performance-trying desperately to come up with a brilliant formula to transform them. It's as though I think, "God's done it well for the past two years, but now He wants to see if we can do it." Well surprise... we can't!! Fortunately, for these interns and the rest of the world, my inability to change them doesn't matter. They are more wicked than they could ever imagine and more loved and accepted than they could ever dare hope (Tim Keller sort of ). I watched last night as 15 college students, who met 1 week ago, began to accept the transformation of the gospel again-acknowledging sin, extending love and forgiveness, and encouraging one another in the ways God has uniquely made and gifted them. It was like sitting on the front row of God's symphony-watching as the instruments began tuning, warming up, and preparing for the incredible concert...all under His direction. So as not be one of the nine lepers, walking away thankless, let me offer up my thanksgiving to God for His provision of each of these interns. Let me also gratefully acknowledge His already powerful work in their lives and look forward, with belief, to the great work that I know He will accomplish in and through their lives this summer. Father I believe; help my unbelief.

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Curt Moore said...

Amen. Well said. Well expressed.