Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Banana Update

Ah-the prodigal banana. Banana realizes that he is not perfect-he does not need to prove himself because look at him-he is full of spots. Messy, ugly spots. Spots that he cannot change. He needs acceptance-who will accept such an ugly banana? The One who created him. God longs to redeem us-much like this banana, although it is now so obviously flawed-to bring us into His glory and redemption and to rest in His arms saying, yep, I'm flawed. Love me. When no one else will have this banana, how excited Jesus is to receive this very particular banana!!!! We did eat the banana. Poor prodigal banana. I think that if he wanted, he would have removed that sticker and said, "look at me-I am who I am and I rest in Jesus for righteousness. I am sorry I wore this sticker because it didn't help anything." May we never ever feel the need to wear that blue sticker. But when we do, may we fall immediately into the arms of the One who loved us all along-and knew we'd have spots anyway. He made provision for our blue stickers-we all have our own blue stickers-yet He planned ahead and loves us amidst the blue stickers that cover us, protecting us from pain and grief. May Jesus strip away every sticker and show us how He loved us even when we put on that particular sticker.


sd said...

amen from another spotted and blue stickered bannana

Roberdeau said...

thanks for the update