Friday, April 25, 2008

What was this banana thinking?

This banana is just like you and me. Except we would not dare wear a sticker saying that. But deep in our hearts, day after day, we strive for this. Fix what we can. And fix it by ourselves. The truth is, there is only One who has achieved this and we must stop running and trying to be this banana. We will never ever ever be this banana. I am thankful that I can stop running and I can rest in the One who can wear this sticker. I try to have my perfection in so many different things-having great songs on my Ipod. Returning calls in a timely manner. Making my bed every day. It's all a treadmill to nowhere and we have to jump off the treadmill and give glory to God for rescuing us. You might not even think this sticker applies to you. Most of us would not admit that. But deep in our hearts we seek this on so many levels. Rest in the arms of He who holds you and keeps you from falling.


Curt Moore said...
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Curt Moore said...

He who began a good work...will make you ripe! (Glorification of course).
Great blog Cammie. Thanks for the reminder.

eholman said...

Right on! Great reminder. Needed to that.