Thursday, April 17, 2008

Loose Ends Wrapped Up

As we wind down for a two week break, there has been a few, ok alot of loose ends and hanging jobs to wrap up. Mostly thanks to Dutton Reformed from Michigan and Tuscumbia Pres from Alabama we were able to complete the following: cleaned up Leatrice Cain's trash pile and empty her house so work can begin, haul off all of Ann Jordan's construction debris, finish Ann Jordan's laundry room, get her CO, and move her in, haul away a debris pile at 105 Johnson St, help 1st Presbyterian Bay Saint Louis tear down tents and shower rooms and haul off their trash to get them back to functioning as before the storm, picked up rebar and block off a site, cleaned out Kathleen Hanback's house, insulate, and move drywall into the home so we can come back ready to paint, clean the big room, and finally whatever else the teams can think of and comment on because I hope ya'll read and keep up with the blog. On top of that these teams worked on our houses with plumbing, porch beam trim, a big roof tear off and redo, did some electrical trim out, hung sheetrock, insulated beneath a house, and probably more. So thanks to these two teams for doing the nonglorius dirty work that needed to be done and thus will make my time away even more enjoyable. Of course I will still be thinking about the inspections we are going through and the foundations we need to start but atleast that is looking forward rather than loose ends. Thanks Dutton and Tuscumbia for truly selflessly serving down here at Lagniappe, it is that work that truly encourages and serves us as a staff also.

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