Monday, April 14, 2008

South Carolina, Michigan, and Yellow Houses

This is a group from Grand Rapids, MI, working on Kathleen Hanback's house. The bright yellow color makes sun-glasses a must in almost every weather, but is definitely cheerful. Frank and Mark-two of the youth leaders for this group-were with me in Biloxi in the spring of 2006! They nick-named me "hyper"...apparently they think I have you can imagine my surprise when I heard "hyper" yelled across the Lagniappe facility on Sunday morning! It was so much fun to have them back down here. Ya'll have no idea how wonderful familiar faces are; we look forward to your returns! These are some of the Michigan Boys--working alongside the South Carolina men. These guys worked hard all week, hanging insulation and sheet rock in one of our "rehab" houses. Apparently these fellows got kicked out the big house and sent "below" to work on a plumbing problem....:) That's what happens when you misbehave around here.

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