Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meet the Interns. Well, Not All of Them!

It's that time of the year. Flowers are in bloom, bunnies are frolicking in sunny meadows., birds are singing, and the interns are coming. We are anticipating a busy summer, though not on the level of last year. Over the past few months Sarah Denton and I have interviewed and hired 15 interns. They will participate with the staff in the restoration of creation through the declaration and demonstration of the love of God shown to us in Christ Jesus (That's part of the LPC vision statement). What this looks like is meeting with families, aiding teams with home construction, maintaining the LPC facility, and starting a youth ministry. Cristina


Erin said...

YAY interns!!

What Curt didn't tell you is that this also looks like restoring Larrouxs' short shorts collection and declaring "Intern Shower Time" in the bathroom, among other things. Make sure you get a bungee cord!

You will also get your own VIP access card to Clyde's, a credit card with your name on it to Home Depot, and full reign over John Sabin's silver bullet.

Have a GREAT summer!

Curt Moore said...

Well said Ms. Champlin. Well said.

Lindsey said...

yess... terns 08 as Erin mentioned. please take note of the two most important things. A. the VIP access to clydes (and the purple olive - or whatever it's called) as well as the silver bullet. and interestingly enough the silver bullet means both sabins' abode, as well as an item that can be found at Clyde's. champy poo I miss you- whoever gets our bunk will have some serious proving to do.

p.s. new interns- I look forward to hopefully meeting you sometime this summer if I can get down there from PA.

Lynne Sabin said...

You will have full reign over the Sabin's silver bullet, but NOT the silver BULLETS! Actually, you will now have full reign over 303 State Street, the Sabin's new abode! Welcome one and all! We look forward to hosting you. (We Miss you, Erin & Lindsey! Ya'll come on back now!)

Dustin Smith said...

the bungie cord is an intriguing idea for the shower, although I'm not planning on dying my hair again like i did over spring break, so i wont need to wash my hair 3 times a day^^