Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bay St. Louis in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The team from Bay St. Louis, headed up by Keri Norwood arrived at Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in North Liberty, Iowa around 9pm tonight. I met them because I flew in from Orlando after attending my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Great party. Great flight. Only two hours verses two days driving that the team performed. Thirteen people are on the team. Keri, Carol, and I are the only Lagniappe staff. The rest are residents from BSL/Waveland who wanted to give a little Lagniappe to those in need of assistance. Due to the flooding in this region over 5,000 homes sustained significant damage. Arklie Hooten picked me up from the airport and gave me a tour of the area. It looked like New Orleans in the 8th and 9th wards. Tomorrow we begin gutting out of homes. Will fill you in as the week progresses. Thanks for your prayers. P.S. "The Weather is Here I Wish You Were Beautiful."

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