Thursday, July 24, 2008

Incarnational Ministry at Trinity Pres., Jackson

Trinity Presbyterian Church of Jackson, MS held its' annual Mission Conference in April of 2008. John and I were invited to speak on the topic of "Incarnational Ministry", and after thinking long and hard about what that really meant, we decided that we would simply speak about God's calling on our lives to live out the gospel, particularly in the arena of our lives at Lagniappe. In God's sometimes amazing sense of humor, it just so happened that He sent several tornadoes through North Jackson on Friday at noon, just as John and I arrived in town. Several homes of Trinity families were severely damaged, and instead of speaking on Incarnational Ministry, we ended up demonstrating it, along with many of Trinity's members, as we took to the neighborhoods to clean up and help the families who had been impacted by the storm. Even one of Lagniappes' interns from last summer, Dee Temple, came quickly when we called on her to come help. Not many young women can wield a chainsaw as well as Dee! Lagniappe exists to participate in the restoration of all creation, and we were very privileged to participate in the restoration of Hinds County.

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