Thursday, July 31, 2008

Iowa-Day 3

The homeowner we worked with on day three was Leland, a man who moved into his home 7 months prior to the flood. He is a widower whos wife died 14 years ago. He lived in his home alone. He spent the entire day working with us, side by side. He even joined us at the church where we stayed for dinner and an evening worship service. What a great guy. We have another friend. He was enfolded into the group like he had been with us the entire time .We are all looking forward to tomorrow to working on his home.
Looks like home immediately following Hurricane Katrina. A Salvation Army truck stopped by Wedsnesday to deliver water and snacks. The man in the photos is a volunteer from North Dakota. He made 4 trips to the Coast to assist residents and deliver food and water to volunteers. 'It's like dejavue all over again.'
This is commentary from Michael Langer, church planter of One Ancient Hope:
It's funny that I actually thought I was the one who was going to come up with the ministry focus of the new church plant. Swinging sledgehammers and carrying molded drywall was not in any of the first drafts of my plans for the church. And that was just the problem, they were my plans - not God's... One thing this disaster has reminded me of is the providence of God - the ways in which this disaster is serving his purposes for the advancement of the message of hope that is offered in the gospel. I am acutely aware that these brief glimpses into the the way in which God is working through this event reveals the frequent fickleness of our hearts. Today I can say, "Wow, look at how God is in control, and in the midst of this situation." Yet, I will say tomorrow, in the center of my own world - where is God? Why doesn't he do something?" I pray that God would use this flooding of my hometown to encourage me to more faithfully trust in Him.
Kathleen Monti posing with 'code' electrical. This code was from 30's or 40's
We discovered after day one that we could work more efficiently and conserve more energy by having a ramp for the many wheel barrow trips down flights of stairs. Kathleen bought and donated this ramp which saved both time and backs.
Carol Waseilewski pulling nails. The pic below is Steven Passman, a sophomore from Milsaps. This is what I call his Jack Nicholson pose. Recalling the movie The Shining- "Here's Johnny."

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