Friday, August 01, 2008

Iowa-Day 4

Thursday we started work on our 4th house. Wednesday while working on Leland's home his next door neighbor, Louise, dropped by just to check on her home. She wound up sitting, talking, laughing, and eating lunch. We told her we'd work on her house Thursday. Several team members were still working on Leland's while the rest began work on Louise's home. By mid morning Louise showed up with fresh peaches and ice cream. Our work began to take on greater joy and vigor having interacted with and gotten to know the families we are helping. They were truly the reason we came. The gutting/mucking was the vehicle. There is the possibility that the city/county won't allow rebuilding but that is still in discussion phase. Regardless, it will  be sad for the families not be back in their homes and yes it might be easy to say, "Why did we come?Why did we spend a week sweating, lacking sleep, slugging away with body aches and pains?" The answer is that we were able to provide the declaration and demonstration of the love of God shown to us in Christ Jesus. Hope was brought to two individuals as a reminder that the God of Heaven is there and is not silent. He knows, He cares, and He is able.
Taking a break. Louise is the lady on the far right. She was so joyful and thankful that we helped. As you pray remember her. I believe Michael Langer connected with her very well and will follow-up.
This is Leland. Not only did he work side by side with us, doing exactly the same work, he joined us at the church dinner/service Wednesday night, ate hot dogs with us a local restaurant (Their Benignos, Russos, Mockingbird...). He also joined us Thursday night at the church for dinner, bringing fresh sweet corn. We added a Louisianna flavour by sprinkling Tony Chesheries Cajun mix over the corn which was delish.
Carol in front of Cedar Rapids equivilent of Benignos, The Flying Wienie
Pictured are three flying wienies, Simon, Steven, and Leland.

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