Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Church on Sunday, Remaining staff evacuating

With the upgrade of Gustav to a Cat 4 and probably a Cat 5 by morning we have determined to cancel service tomorrow and ENCOURAGE all remaining LPC members and families to head for higher/safer ground. We did not want there to be any reason to remain in Bay St. Louis longer than necessary. John Sabin and I are the last two remaining staff members in the Bay. We will finish boarding up the church in the morning and then John will be heading to Brookhaven, MS and I will be going to Necaise, MS (about 40 minutes north of Bay St. Louis). We would ask you to please remember Hancock County in your prayers. There is a heaviness in the air here. The sentiment that I have heard over and over again is, "I just can't do this again..." I find myself nodding in agreement. For tonight Bay St. Louis is peaceful. There is a band at the Mockingbird and I saw a clarinet player just playing to himself on Main Street this afternoon. This town has a soul that is resilient, but she is tired and weary. I know how she feels. NOTE: Lynne Sabin will be updating this blog so check back during the storm. I will keep her updated via Satellite phone. Blessings and Grace, Jean P.S. Please read Psalm 107:23-32 and pray those truths for Bay St. Louis!


The O'Brien Family said...

Thank you, Jean, for your comments. My wife and I are looking at each other tonight and asking how to even begin to pray over a storm that you know is about to drastically affect 1000's of people. Certainly, the Lord can whisper it out of existence---but He may not. We now have direction in prayer---Psalm 107:23-32. Thanks and to God be the glory.

Caroline Bender said...

Wise choice, friend. All the best to the people of the Bay.

Unknown said...

Your brothers and sisters at Faith Reformed (Frederick MD) are praying today for you and all the families in the area.

On behalf of everyone at FRPC,
Kathryn Stephens

DeeDee said...

Yall are on my heart.....if anyone needs anything........please call and let me know....i can't do much......but i'll try! Love yall!