Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ground breaks at another Lagniappe House

Lagniappe has started another house from the ground up. This makes the second totally Lagniappe house. We are building the house for the Rousso Family. Soli Deo Gloria The blue-prints for the Rousso House. Which in point of fact are not very blue.
Before any of the ground has been broken This machine digs all of our holes for us. The BUSINESS end After the hole were drilled team work camp came in to dig the trenches. All by hand :(

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Harrie den Boer said...

What a joy to see the progress of this house. Our team was there last week demolishing the concrete slab which was in the way of the new construction.
The Rousseau's were a wonderful family to interact with while working, and was it not for Lagniappe they would have no hope of getting out of the FEMA trailer.

Praise the Lord for this progress and His goodness