Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pear Orchard Kicks Some TRUSS

Sitting at breakfast with Clyde this morning as always we were discussing his project. As always Clyde and I are jockeying for how many volunteers to send out with him to work on setting trusses, I want him to keep more busy he only needs so many, we meet in the middle and Clyde leaves planning to take the next day and a half to finish setting the trusses. On with my day I go which right before lunch ends with dropping off the rest of the supplies for the roof that Clyde is leading. It has been about three hours since the team started work and here is Pear Orchard's youth group with Clyde and Thomas, one of our interns, finishing the trusses. These guys put up 27 trusses in 3 hours, finished setting all the trusses on a 54 foot long house in a morning. Now I have to figure out and scramble work for the afternoon but that is a great reason for stress. Pear Orchard, thansk for coming and ya'll that was fast.

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