Friday, June 15, 2007

Hard Working Ladies!

These ladies are from Lakemont PCA in Augusta, Georgia, and let me tell you, they are real peaches! They did the amazing job of totally breaking down, sweeping, mopping and setting back up the big room in the main building at Lagniappe, no small task! Not only that, but they did it with amazing precision and very happy faces! Some seemed to "dance the day away" as they worked. Thank you, Erin Champlin (Lagniappe Intern, talented supervisor), Gabrielle Juras, Kristy Lyon, Karen Stavale, Trish Yount, Janet Mackert, Sarah Feero, Emily Mackert, Kathryn Juras and Krystal Lyon. You may come back every Friday forever.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there sis. Nice posting, sounded just like you, ya know, like I was hearing your voice...maybe we'll see you soon, you all are in our prayrs. Larry