Thursday, June 28, 2007

I truss can't believe it

After lunch on Wednesday Jordan, Ben, T Jean, Shelby and went out on an excursion to deliver trusses to our friends at St. Roses. We then continued on to Camp Coastal out in the Kiln to pick up more trusses. Knowing Jordan's excited nature- he had large ambitions as to truss quantity on the goose neck. the CC staff told us that the most trusses they have put on a gooseneck trailer were 17. Jordan wanted a whole lot more than that on there. We loaded 11 trusses onto the trailer by hand and on the ground laid a stack of 17 more- weighing 2500 pounds cumulatively. The question of the day was: How do we get all 17 onto the trailer at once while still bound together? Answer: A very large bobcat arm and lift machine operated by Andrea. One would imagine that this large contraption lacks in the micro skills. However- the bobcat was able to perfectly align the trusses with the already existing trusses on the trailer like so... and like so...and now for the final product: With 28 trusses on board we were ready to head back to the Bay and over to Pass Christian to deliver the trusses. Good thing we had a TRUSSworthy trailer.

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