Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Blitz Ends, but the Thunder comes

Sadly as fast it came, the Blitz is now over. Our RUF students on are going back home for Christmas, but as with lighting, the thunder will soon follow. We have already heard some of the thunder with work making the local news and newspapers, the sound of the car horns in support of locals. We here at Lagniappe are thankful for all the support all have given us, but we are most thankful for the support from God that He has given to us. Even thought we came to support victims from a hurricane, God came to us dead in our sin, and rescued us from death. We love because He first loved us, and His love compels us. We here at Lagniappe long to see; not just homes restored but see lives restored. We hope with this bolt of lightning, that people with come to see where the true source of the lightning came from and then come and hear the thunder. Soli Deo Gloria The house in the morning The last picture of the house, sadly could not get a picture of the finished house beacuse it was to dark

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