Thursday, December 20, 2007

COs and so.

Today we finally got two COs, certificate of occupancy, on two of the houses we finished before Thanksgiving. Once your air conditioning unit is set a surveyor must come out and shoot your final grade for the finished construction elevation certificate. We finished all the work on these houses before Thanksgiving but it took a while to get all the paperwork in line to CO the homes. We also have the Howell's, Russo's, Gillum's, and Given's all at the same place, our work is done. Given's will just need an inspection, Howell's, Russo, and Gillum needs to pass electrical inspection, have power to the house, the city needs to install the sewer grinder, my HVAC guy will have to finish his work, and finally go through a final inspection. Thanks to the help of Russ, Josh, David, David, Doug, and J J we were able to finish these houses up. Of course Kenley, Clyde, and Andrew also worked tirelessly on these houses also but we met our goal, we finished what we had to before Christmas. Now to find work for the 70 folks coming in the 26th.

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