Saturday, December 15, 2007


This first picture was taken 2 days ago on the corner of St. John Street and Dunbar--in the heart of Bay St. Louis. These are the supplies for Lagniappe's Blitz build, taking place this weekend with RUF students here with MTW. The Lagniappe construction crew (Andrew, Clyde, Jordan, John Sabin, ect) has been working tirelessly for the last week to get ready. They were nailing, hammering, sawing, and gluing the floor boards at midnight last night, with some help from recently returned interns, and office girls like me. Today at 7:30, 55 RUF students showed up with faces painted to represent their different work groups. Roosters were crowing (seriously), and by 8:15 hammers were flying, nails were being pounded, and saws were cutting. By noon....walls were up. It is unbelievable. I cannot tell you all how encouraging it is to see this thing moving so quickly! We will be posting multiple times each day for the next few days, so keep up with the blog and we'll make sure you stay updated!

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