Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just For Fun Photos-Part 1

From a recent trip to Orlando. A sign near the baggage claim carousel at Orlando International. Is Ramada secretly embedding Biblical truth in it's marketing campaign? "You do your thing." That's what I tell myself when I run from God...and if I run far enough eventually wind up buried and bound in surprise and sorry.
"Looking for a sign? Tell her you love her." Someone visiting our website asked for us to pray for her marriage to be restored. The husband was looking for a sign whether or not to stay in the marriage or depart. After giving appropriate Biblical directives I sent this tongue-in-cheek reply. Please note three things in photo. 1. In the background the warning of a "Diesel" line underground. 2. The lit cigar. 3.The absolute, unwavering trust in God's providence. This Florida Hibiscus is now a true Steel Magnolia. "Giving the tongue"
A sign at the IKEA store in Atlanta

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