Sunday, July 09, 2006

Early Service

This morning we went to the "early service" of LPC. It was really the only service, but it was at 8:30 am. Kate was in the "nursery" in the back of the church, doing her thing that she does at 8:30, eating some food, and getting her morning started. Jean preached on Luke 15, again a message that I wish we had recorded. MP3 recorder anyone? We only have one mic, and a small sound system, but soon we'll need more than that. As you can see, this morning we had a pretty big group. There were many MNA folks in for the Disaster Response Training. Arklie & Fred and the gang let a great set of meetings this weekend. It's great to see the guys that do so much as first responders, and to see & hear their stories. Incredible. Henry Hart spends some quality time with KATE (Mrs. Regina did you notice I called her Kate??) Remmy listens intently... Or is he thinking about someone else???  Posted by Picasa

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