Friday, July 14, 2006

Why we are Here....

After the many awkward blog picture that have been put up of me (with a fair amount due to this man pictured above) I had to put this picture of Curt up. However,this may be one of the most encouraging pictures of Curt yet. This is Curt, not cooped up at the coffee shop or answering way too many emails but a picture of Curt out and about in the community doing what the Lord has gifted him at. Jean is back from vacation, general assembly has come and gone, systems for intern work are in place, and our bathrooms for the most part have paper towels when we need them. This has freed up Curt to be able to be out in the commmunity ministring to those we have met. Visiting, filling me in on work needs for those that truly need it, and being a pastor to those hurting in Bay Saint Louis. This is a testimony to how far we have come. Curt's encouragement to me is that God would not be meeting all of these physical needs and answering all of these prayers to get us up and running and able to do so much work in the community if He did not have an even greater plan of advancing His kingdom. Please keep praying for this most important work that we are all blessed to be a part of, being broken and sinful believers used to share with others the hope in Jesus Christ that was given to us. Posted by Picasa

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