Tuesday, July 04, 2006

tool girls

2 new interns (Stephanie and Sarah) and a friend/photographer from Scotland (check him out at www.roddymackayphotography.com) have arrived on the scene here at Lagniappe. We, the girls, were thrown into the craziness with a tour and orientation of our new home, the tool shed (or Home Depot LPC style). From this moment on, we were welcomed as though we had been here from the beginning. Our new friends put us right to work organizing nails, putting up dry wall, writing expense accounts, and more. Although this might seem incredible in itself :) , the greatest parts, however, have been the conversations with local families, a crab fest (where Sarah was danced in "Mississippi" circles), late night conversations, and a special key lime cake from Kim's Mom. Moreover, we have found in our four short days that this Church is in fact what one dreams a church might be: a community with welcoming arms, a great sense of humor and a willing attitude to share and show the Gospel in action and words. The staff and interns find laughter in long hours of work, give joy and hope in conversations with the hurting, and love God with honest and beautiful hearts. We can absolutely say that there's truly no where else we'd rather be than here in this 100 degree heat!!

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